After seven decades of population control by chemically and covertly subverting human reproduction with endocrine disruptors, half the world has reached the last stage of the demographic transition/depopulation program, characterized by inverted population pyramids, has by too many old and not enough young people to bear the old age burden and by a median age over forty years. In response to this unsustainable demographic situation, governments and the United Nations system have begun a program of rapid depopulation through mandatory immunizations and have unleashed a lab-engineered pneumococcal virus in China and are spreading it globally in order to have the pretext necessary to force vaccinate adults across the world with cancer causing vaccines designed to bring the global population down to sustainability, but purportedly administered to protect public health. By 2023 the vast majority of adults will have been infected with cancer and eighty percent of the global population will die of cancer over the coming decades, as planned by our own governments and the United Nations World Health Organization. It is hoped that through this engineered global genocide that will prematurely kill at least half the world’s population, human civilization will reach a stable and sustainable population structure.